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Imsimbi Training is a leading training organisation committed to the empowerment and development of all South Africans. Through values based skills development we are able to free the personal and leadership potential of all candidates we train. We offer a range of personal effectiveness and leadership development training courses to both the public and private sectors.

Imsimbi derived from "insimbi" means strength and resolve: the power we hope to unleash in each individual so that each person can attain their higher purpose and full potential. We conduct training courses throughout South Africa and have over thirty highly skilled, highly qualified and professional Imsimbi facilitators based throughout South Africa.

Imsimbi Training's vision is to unleash the real potential of our clients through breathing soul and integrity into organizations' service delivery.


Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd
The Lord is my pace setter, I shall not rush, He makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals.
He provides me with images of stillness, which restore my serenity. 
He leads me in the way of efficiency through calmness of mind. 
And His guidance is peace. Even though I have a great many things 
To accomplish every day, I will not fret, for His presence is here. 
His timelessness, His all importance, will keep me in balance.
He prepares refreshment and renewal in midst of my activity 
By anointing my mind with His oil of tranquility, My cups of joyous energy overflows. 
Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be fruits of my hours, 
For I shall walk at the pace of my Lord, and dwell in His house forever. 

By Toki Miyashine 

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